Thanks for dropping by Angelle James Photography! I am a natural light family photographer located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! I am passionate about capturing milestone moments for families no matter the size.

My story in photography begins in December of 2016. My husband and I decided to purchase a “joint” Christmas present for each other — a certified refurbished Canon rebel. Throughout my life, I was the person who stole pictures off of Facebook or Instagram that were taken by my friends. I could never be trusted to be the camera holder because my digital cameras (does that age me??) and smart phones usually ended up broken or lost.

Fast forward to three months before I gave birth to my son James. My husband and I made a commitment that we would safeguard this new expensive tool in order to capture all of the precious moments of our growing family. Naturally I wanted to put our money to use because our smart phone pictures just didn’t seem to get the wistful moments right.

I’ll admit I had a hard time figuring it out at first. All of my Christmas pictures that year are washed-out, blurry, and rather boring. I challenged myself that I would learn how to take better pictures. Little by little, I learned the craft. I went from reading infographic blog posts from Pinterest on how to pose to technical textbooks on composition and lighting.

I’ve enjoyed every step of this journey and am excited to see where I am headed next!